Finally…!!! Catch My Drift!?

09. January 2015 Recordings 0
So, again it’s been a while since my last recording. The past two years I was busy with a lot of things besides playing trumpet, but now at last I’ve taken the time to sit and relax and do some recording. I haven’t put much work in mixing/mastering the recording, but hey..! It’s something right!? ...

Bllluuuueeessss… In F

23. February 2012 Recordings 0
Again it’s been a very long time since my last post. I hope it whas worth waiting. But I finally managed to record someting ‘postable’. Let me know what you think of it. Any comment is welcome! Kind regards, Arnoud Hensen

Love is Easy…

Well… It’s been a while since my last post, but now – with the purchase of a brand new Tascam US-1641 – I much more enjoy recording my practice-sessions at my attick. Today I’ve recorded some songs from the Jim Snidero book ‘Easy Jazz Conception’ and I’ll put my favourite song from that book online. ...

Straight no Chaser

09. February 2010 Recordings 0
Well, it’s been a while, but tonight we (Norbert, Mathijs and me) have recorded a nice enough version of ‘Straight no Chaser’. Let me know what you think of it:


02. November 2009 Recordings 0
Finally, after more than half a year I’ve just recorded somethin’ worth uploading to this site. It’s been a while but I hope you like it enough to keep you coming back to see if there’s something new to listen to. Here it is: Autumn Leaves, as performed by Mathijs Mortimer, Norbert Hensen and me

First recordings

17. February 2009 Recordings 0
Welcome to my website. My intention is to publish some information about myself and my steps in learning jazz improvisation. Unfortunately I haven’t got much time to update this site so it might take a while before you can read anything interesting here. Here’s something to listen to: [audio:The Wind Cries Mary.mp3|titles=The Wind Cries Mary] ...